Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day Part 2

Really? 2 snow days? Will there be a summer break at all?

I may be exaggerating a bit.

Today the kids had yet another snow day. Funny, they have yet to get bored. They played well with each other for most of the day. Alivia went to her friends this afternoon to play while Addison and Asher stayed here rotating between playing outside and playing in. While they played inside, I kept busy continuing my spring cleaning (one can hope for spring, right?!) that I started a couple weeks ago. I cleaned Addison's closet and drawers. Believe me, Addison is not a tidy little girl. She likes to keep everything. I found my tupperware, her socks and a set of mittens in her DESK DRAWERS! After cleaning her room, the hallway closet and Asher's room about 3 times (since the kids were playing in there), I continued with laundry.

While they played outside, Chris and I cleared the driveway and walks. Chris snow blows and I shovel. This morning, that worked fine. After the plows went by and filled up our side sidewalks and snowed us back in (THANK YOU!), I was sore and tired and had to call Chris out to help me. I was swearing up a storm at the snow plow. How does he get it all the way over to our side walks and fill them all up like that?! And, it was not the pretty fluffy stuff anymore, it was heavy street snow. I was not pleased. I have to remind myself, don't work out when it snows. The shoveling is enough work out! Gees!

Chris made his special spicy shrimp dinner tonight celebrating the completion of his project at work. Now, let's hope that does not mean the competition of his work altogether. He will find out what is next for him on Monday (hopefully!). Dinner was AMAZING!

As the day comes to a close, Alivia is at a sleepover, Addison is mad at me (Huh, didn't the day begin that way?!) and Asher is tucked into bed. Huh, what do you know?! I got my way! I asked for a 4 day weekend where I was not working and I got it.

Hum, what can I ask for next? Oh, I want to win the lottery and live somewhere warm WITHOUT SNOW! One can dream, right?!
Not the only one waiting for spring...

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Courtney F said...

Nice! We enjoyed our 4 day weekend too. However, with conferences, the kids got ANOTHER 4 day weekend this weekend! I enjoyed today with them since I did not see them at all this week. Had to earn my Friday off. ANyway, I hope that this snow is done and it rains soon. :) How are things with Chris' job? Praying for you!