Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lenten Season 2013

Between Chris' long periods in front of his laptop, Asher and I were able to steal him away to go to Ash Wednesday Mass with us this morning. After Mass (in which Asher pointed out that the cross on my forehead in ash did not look like a cross at all...:) ), I asked Chris what he decided to give up this Lent.

His response, shocking and not repeatable.

Chris gave up Coke a week and a half ago, so I will say he will continue with that. And, I will give up Diet Coke. Now, this is going to be a real effort for me, too. No, I do not drink a Diet Coke on a daily basis. Hardly. I drink it only when going to Costco, we eat out, or if I work overnights for the caffeine. Yes, I am going to have to work ALL NIGHT LONG without any Diet Coke. I suppose, if Jesus could go 40 days without eating in a dessert, I can go 12 1/2 hours on my unit with no sleep without a Diet Coke.

Hum, I will have to see about that. Funny, we did just get an email about how it was not acceptable to sleep at work (really, who was doing that and why were they not fired? Nope, we just got an email).

I did not give up caffeine, so I could always try coffee. :)

I am also going to try to say only kind things about others, certain others in particular, if anything at all. I believe I will do best just remaining silent. Chris has taught me that well.

I may have to start counting shifts I need to get through.

I can be nice. I can be nice. I can be nice.

I can go all night on no sleep without my Diet Coke.

Repeating it over and over will help right?

What did you give up? Anything?


Courtney F said...

This year Ash Wednesday went without me even knowing it was! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?? Anyway last year I gave up soda and with the no gluten thing, I am thinking that is good enough. Still not eating and if I ever do, my tummy hurts so bad.

You can give up diet coke! I believe in you! (Iced green tea is a great way to get caffeine.) Good luck!!!

I am curious as to what Chris said. ;-)

The Austin Life said...

Courtney, I believ u have enough on yur plate right now. Giving up gluten is enough! :)
Believe me, Chris has problems giving up anything, especially what he said. I'm sure u r right with what you are thinking. ;)
Take care Courtney
, please call me so we can help. Maybe we could get the kids to play for a day or something...?

Courtney F said...

Oh, I would love to get together again! I think my kids would love to play with your kids very soon. :)