Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I know, I am really falling behind on blogging. I will get there, eventually.

Valentine's Day was crazy busy around here. We started the morning out with Valentine's, of course. The girls received Justice shirts (I know, don't say it. Addison selected them, they were on clearance, so I caved) and new outfits they will wear for Easter, and Asher got a Spider-Man sweatshirt and airplane PJs. Chris got me a card about how he liked by butt, one rose (I hate flowers because they just die), along with some things he would like to see me wear. ;) The card...
"Nice Butt!"
"You know, I usually have such a hard time finding the right Valentine's Day Card for you."

This card has now been quoted to all the grandparents, by Alivia. I about died when Alivia told Chris Grandparents about the card. The card was opened and placed in a spot that I thought was out of reach. Alivia immediately jumped up and got it, reading it aloud to anyone that would listen, even reading Chris' words inside. Okay, I should be mortified. Honestly, I am. But (no pun intended), I will not always have a piece of my body to comment on positively, so I should accept it while I can, right? I mean, not everyone can get a card about their nice butts! :) Ha ha.


Asher had a party in the morning at preschool that I helped with, then lunch, before my parents arrived to take Asher to his afternoon Valentine's Party with his La Vista Library preschool group. Meanwhile, I went up to the girls' parties at school, helping with Addison's party and stopping by Alivia's. Lots of sugar later, we were home, in one piece. I awoke with a cold so was exhausted and sick by the end of the day. I tucked the kids into bed at 8 and went to bed. Chris worked until after midnight.


Happy Valentine's Day?

There is always next year. :) It was fun day as the kids had a blast. That is what our days are about anymore anyway.

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Courtney F said...

HA! That is a funny card! Of course, the kids will quote it! The kids had a great V-day too. I visited Scott at UNMC that day, so it was as romantic as it could be :-) The day of love is really for kids!