Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 Day Weekend

When I was a kid, WAY BACK WHEN, I do not remember getting so many days off of school. But, then again, I may have just forgotten.

Last week, the kids had off Friday and Monday from school (Teacher In Service followed by President's Day). So, what were we to do to fill up the time?

Addison kicked off the long weekend hosting a friend for a sleepover. Addison is getting better with sleepovers, but she still needs work. Addison has a very strong personality at home, but she does not seem to act like that around her friends or in school. She was the only one having a sleepover, too, so she liked feeling special.

Jumpin Jax in Papillion was the hot spot on Friday morning. I had a daily deal for there, so it worked out perfectly. It ended up being rather busy, but the kids had fun. After lunch...Grandma Bet and Grandpa came to pick up the kids to take them to the farm to stay. The kids were SO EXCITED! My parents are about to have a major overhaul to their home on the farm, so sleepovers will not be happening for a while. The kids could not wait to sleep in Grandma and Grandpa's bunk beds!

The kids left, the house went silent, and I went to bed while Chris worked. I had to work both Friday and Saturday over night while Chris was finishing up his project and worked all weekend, too. We are so much fun around here it is crazy. I texted Chris at 2 AM and he was still up working! He is nuts! I mean, I was up working, but I was AT WORK.

Anyway, the kids had a blast and my parents and my parents survived. :)

Monday morning we took a little trip to the zoo before Asher had his afternoon montessori preschool. It was absolutely freezing and it even snowed a little! We did get to see the baby lion cubs, so that made the trip worth it.

The kids had a fun long weekend. Next time they have multiple days off, I am NOT WORKING! Gees!

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Courtney F said...

Aw! The lion cubs are so cute! We got watch them take a nap a few weeks ago. WOnderful pics, Krista!