Monday, February 11, 2013

Addis's First Grade Program

At the kids' elementary school, the classes perform in a singing program once a year, one class at a time. Last week, Addison and her entire (all 4 classes!) 1st grade class had their turn. The theme: Snow.

We find we learn more about our kids when we see them perform. From Addison, we learned that she does not like to perform in front of people and does not like the attention so much. Her lips were moving, but as her Mommy, I am not sure she was really singing. We attempted to make her smile to no avail. It was cute to see. She is one funny girl. She was lucky to have Grandma Bet and Grandpa Bill there to watch her too.
2013 First Grade Class

There's a smile! (Addison is in the middle in the denim dress and braided piggy tails).

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Courtney F said...

There is something special about seeing your kids on stage. I love how you put it that you learned more about your kids. It's so true. I hope you guys are well. I have been thinking of you often.