Thursday, August 18, 2011

Neale Woods

Today, Asher and I went with our friends Ms. Kim and Keegan on a hike in the Neale Woods in North Omaha. The forest has 9 miles of dirt/grass trails, 600 acres of conserved forest and prairie land, nature center building that is said to be opened seasonally (but looked closed when we were there), and the Millard Observatory. It was a hidden gem in the middle of nowhere!

We arrived down the gravel road to the woods to an empty parking lot. I was picturing a place to show my Forest pass, but there was not a soul there. It was pretty quiet around there. Let's just say, I would not have hiked without having my friends along.

We got out and hiked the Jonas trail, a trail that was labeled to be a mile long. In the forest, a mile is a very long distance! We hiked through prairie with tall prairie grass, through many swarms of bugs, through so many spiderwebs and spiders that I lost count, and walked dirt trails. It was pretty, smelled fresh (except for my continuous spaying of the ineffective Family Off that I had along), and was quiet. We did not hear or see many birds, only saw one animal that crept away without us seeing what he was (thankfully, I think). We saw many snails and butterflies, though, along with the bugs and spiders.

It was a fun hike, I guess. It was something different, which is something I am always looking for. This forest will be beautiful come fall. Maybe I will have to bring Chris and the girls next time.

Going to visit the forest? Here is the address:
Neale Woods
14323 Edith Marie Ave.
Omaha, NE 68112

Be sure to check out the website for directions because the road is closed by the river due to flooding. The view from the hills shows there is still a lot of water over the river banks.

What to bring:
Walking shoes
Pants or capri pants (maybe even long sleeved shirt) so you are not so bit up
Bug spray and the good kind - not the family friendly worthless kind
Snacks and drinks

Just FYI: No restrooms were available that we found. It is the woods afterall. So, not a place to go if you are potty training. :)

Enjoy the woods!

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