Friday, August 05, 2011

Hot Day at the Zoo

Wednesday we met up with my friend Heather, the day before she was to have her baby girl (yes, she is nuts!) at the zoo. We walked around a bit before we caught up with Heather along with her 15 year old step son, her nearly 6 year old daughter, and her little 2 year old boy. We walked a bit, looking at the animals, ending at the playground. The kids played while Heather got to sit a bit. We looked at a few more animals before making our way to the 1pm show at the Imax about Caves. I really liked the show, and the kids seemed okay with it. It was really interesting!
Yesterday, about 8:30AM, my friend Heather delivered her baby girl, Hailey Morgan. I can't wait to meet her!

Just another day at the zoo. Hot or not, we were glad to be able to spend it with our friends before they added one more to their broad!

Pictures will have to wait. You see, they are on my laptop and Pippa chewed through my electrical cord for the laptop. I hesitate to even turn the thing on until my new charger arrives. So, until will only have to imagine.

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