Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st Day of School 2011!

Today was the first day of school for Alivia, in the second grade, and Addison, starting Kindergarten! Addison was ready to go this morning, waking up on her own at 6:30 and getting dressed, while I had to wake Alivia at 7.

Addison was a bit nervous I think since she refused to eat anything for breakfast. I tried to get her to eat just about anything, and she completely refused. We walked up to school just before 8 with Daddy. The weather was windy and a little chilly actually. Chris and I walked the girls to their rooms, helping them get to their seats on the first day. They did really good without tears! I did not even cry, at least today. I must have cried all my tears a couple days ago.

After the first 1/2 day of school, we went and picked up McDonalds for lunch, meeting Daddy at a playground to eat it, so the girls could tell us all about their day.

So, we now have 2 in school, leaving just Asher and I here at home. I am sure we will find things to do, but we will miss the girls. I already do! Hummm, makes me think I should home school.

Addison with her teacher
Time to get to work.

Addison in class.

Daddy walking home with Asher...just Asher!

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