Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Weeks of School

We are now into the second full week (3rd week in all) of school. It has been an adjustment, something we are still adjusting to.

Alivia is now in the second grade. She is not in a class with her closest friends, but that does not seem to bother her much. She still eats lunch with her pals and gets to play with them at recess. She has confidence issues, but otherwise is doing okay.

Addison is enjoying Kindergarten. She had made a few close friends and likes to tell us about her day. She tells me that she does sleep during quiet time. She is really tired at the end of the day. We feel so bad for her, but for now, she will stay in Kindergarten. Academically, she is doing fine. She is just really tired, ending up in bed before dinner some days (although she has gotten better).

Asher is at home with me, enjoying it. He is lonely at times, I find, but we have many play dates and outings. This week, for example, we have been busy every day. Monday, Chris was off and home with us. Tuesday we had friends come over all day with a little boy near Asher's age. Today we met friends at a playground, and tomorrow we are going to our Church Mom's ground. Asher is in swimming lessons on Monday mornings and really enjoys that, too.

I am missing Addison...a lot. Of course, I miss Alivia, too, but I know she is where she needs to be. I am not so certain about Addison...yet. I don't let her know that though. I love therefore I miss her when she is not here. Asher and I have fun at home. I love my days with him and am trying to enjoy every little moment. And, of course, I need to start blogging them!
Girls before school

Walking home on Monday (with Zoe).

Addison before school this morning.

Addison at the park with his friend Xander.

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