Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Home: First Anniversary

Yesterday marked one year since we closed on our home on Ponderosa Drive in Papillion. We closed at 6pm on the eve of Thanksgiving, moving in the evening of Thanksgiving through the weekend. Who could forget that? The excitement of getting our things our of storage (the garage of this home) and finally into the house where it should be! We slept in our home one year ago tonight, fishing out the beds from the garage first. It was so nice to be  in a bed after weeks on the blow up bed in the empty apartment!

Now, there is no looking back. We have tried really hard to make this home our home in the last year. We did not do much to our home in the first month because of the Holidays and commuting Alivia to school in Northwest Omaha. Then, in January, Chris had a job loss scare, so we did not do anything. After Chris secured a job, we got to work in March. First, we ordered plantation shutters and window treatments for installation through the house. Then, we hired someone to install a closet and drop zone in the laundry room. The laundry room turned out to be the first of many rooms to be painted. We painted 3 out of 4 of the bathrooms. Then, we redid the kids' rooms starting with paint. Addison moved into her big girl bed, and got new bedding and accessories. Alivia had her room painted and accessorized. Then, it was Asher's turn for his big boy bed. His room has been painted, but the room is still a work in progress. Next, we had to replace all of the ugly ceiling fans. Seriously, those things were awful! At $250 a set, that was a pricey undertaking in and of itself!

With spring, came outdoor updating. First Chris organized our garage...finally. It is a nice space for storage now as well as a big area to play for the kids on cooler or rainy days. Then, we purchased a fence for the backyard. That was been really nice for the kids! After getting their swingset up, they felt like they were at home! We had our priorities in order (playset and fence first! The kids can care less about the rest!). Additionally, we planted 20 trees and landscaped all around the house. We still have a couple more trees to buy and some finishing touches to do to the front yard landscaping to make it complete. That sounds like a spring 2011 project to me. Chris also has a vision of an outdoor patio area in his dreams...someday. And, I, well, I have always wanted a pool. I am just not sure I want one at this house. Maybe at our next home...that ranch I now want.

With the cooler weather, Chris and I got to the indoor painting. We painted the kitchen and then onto the family room, living room and entry way. What a nightmare that was...but it is nearly complete! We have the challenge of completing the entryway, upstairs hallway, dining room, basement, master bedroom and master bath. Then, the painting will be done. Seriously, really? Painting done? I can only imagine now. Chris says he will NEVER paint again. I believe he is dreaming.

Looking back on the last year, it seems like a long time ago. We have done so much to this home that we are vested (or invested) now. But, Chris and I are still on the 5-7 year plan. Our next move...a modern ranch. Yes, we are already sick of our stairs!

Visit us on our Austin Crib blog where you can follow our home updates...the good, bad and the ugly. I will be beginning the journey from the beginning shortly.

Goals for the second year: Finish landscaping, look into the patio (MAYBE, and that is a BIG maybe), wrought iron spindles inside, finish the painting, and maybe replace the basement carpet. Whew...that sounds like a lot after what we have already done!

We are finally in a place where we can say this is home. Home Sweet Home.

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