Friday, November 26, 2010

Alivia...Happy Half Birthday!

Yesterday, along with it being Thanksgiving and the anniversary that we closed on our home in Papillion, it was also Alivia's half birthday! With the business of the day, we kind of forgot! But, Alivia was excited to hear that she was now 6 1/2 years old and got another Junie B. Jones book (and a cupcake from Aunt Marsha!).

At 6 1/2 years old, Alivia is growing up. She enjoys playing with friends, preferably away from our home. She loves having friends over, usually having at least one playdate a week with a special friend. She has several BBF's at the moment, but she likes to play with our neighbor Zoe, her class mates Emma, Sydney, Gabby, Nyah and Aryn. At home, she plays well with Addison and Asher. She has an active imagination, playing babies with Addison and active sports with Asher. She continues to like to draw, journal and is now reading much better. It is amazing the progress she has made since summer! She loves Junie B. Jones books, but has many other favorites, too. She is rarely seen without her silly hands and special puppy dog friends.

Alivia likes to watch movies with Daddy and still likes Scooby Doo. At 6 1/2, Alivia Grace does have her bad moments. When she is tired, she can turn into a terror! We are shocked by what comes out of her mouth when she has had enough!

But, she is and will always be our baby girl Alivia. We love you, Alivia Grace.

Happy Half Birthday, you toothless 6 1/2 year old!

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