Monday, January 12, 2009

Addison's 1/2 Birthday

Today Addison is officially 2 ½! Although Addison may be a big girl in our eyes, she plays the baby card well by asking to be carried, her eternal love for her taggie blankets, and her refusal to go #2 in the potty.  Although she is potty trained during the day, Addison saves her “woo woo” for naptime and night time.  I have refused to put a diaper on her on a couple of occasions in an effort to get her to use the potty, and that has not turned out pretty or clean.  Addison can be found skipping through the house carrying a cooler, backpack or her jewelry box stuffed full of toys and insisting on taking them everywhere with her. She loves to go to bed with all of these bags, taggies, and her name stepstool in her toddler bed with her! Sometimes I wonder how she fits her little body in amongst all of that stuff!

Addison’s favorites: Boppas, Taggie Blankets, Dolls, watching potty Elmo (Although the only thing she is learning is new words for “pee” & “poo”), watching home videos & Curious George, playing with Alivia & Asher, screaming, spaghetti dinner with garlic toast, cookies, & Addison loves our weekly outings where ever it is. She loves to color and change her clothes (by herself) numerous times a day...keeping Mommy busy with laundry. And, as you can tell from these pictures, she loves getting her picture taken!

Addison’s Dislikes: Washing her hair & having it combed, being told to go potty,  taking nap and going to bed at night, and being picked on by her sister really throws her for a loop. Although Addison used to be our best sleeper, she now plays for a long while before finally crashing during naptime. At night, she was running to Alivia’s room to read books, but now she knows that Mommy or Daddy are in the hall and stays put.  She goes to bed about 8 with Alivia and wakes around 7 (sometimes much sooner unknown to me!) and goes into Alivia’s room to read and play.

We had Addison’s favorite dinner, spaghetti, tonight and ½ Birthday Chocolate Cupcakes to celebrate her ½ Day! Happy ½ Birthday Addison!


Helping Mommy shovel!Addison with her cupcakeAddison with her taggie

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