Friday, July 25, 2008

We're Back!



Daddy & Asher
Asher & Mommy
Cheese! Addison is such a ham!
Air Chair fun!
Alivia swimming with Grandma & Grandpa
Lake of the Ozarks Vacation 2008

After a week of sunbathing, it sure feels strange to look out the back door and see our neighbors instead of the Lake (oh, I would so much rather see the lake, hear ducks and pelicans and hear the dock creaking than see our neighbors!).

Oh, we had such a wonderful time. We left Saturday morning at 8:35 and arrived at 3:15 just in time to get a good swim in before dinner. Chris & I decided within minutes of starting to pack the car that we need a van! Anyway, Alivia was SO excited when we got to The Graybill Getaway

The girls TRIED to sleep in the same room the first night(Addison on the bottom bunk and Alivia on the top bunk. Addison, who normally sleeps in a crib, was ALL OVER THE PLACE. They played pretty much all night and I slept maybe 20 minutes. Not so fun. Sunday night Addison slept with us, and then the remaining nights she slept in a pack n play that Grandma and Grandpa bought for her. How nice!). Sunday was spent just getting used to the Lake of the Ozarks, my parents' home and our new surroundings. Alivia & Chris took a ride in Chris' canoe, (that we named this year "Po - because this is all we can afford!") & swam in Grandma's big pool (aka the lake). Chris even test drove the new slide, that turned out to be too big for Alivia's taste this year. Meanwhile, Addison, Asher & I stayed closer to the house on the deck playing in Grandma & Grandpa's baby pool (much more Addison's taste). Addison found that she liked going in and out of the doors on the sun porch. Addison did get in the water briefly, but did not like it much. Monday we decided to go to Captain Ron's for some beach action. The girls played in the sand and Asher got some much needed swim time. It just so happened to be 96 degrees or hotter. It was intense. We then went back to the house for a picnic and afternoon nap. We were welcomed by Grandma and Grandpa's arrival, too! Tuesday morning brought rain, so Chris, Addi, Asher & I did a little shopping at the Outlets and surrounding areas (Grandma's Candy!) while Alivia stayed and played with Grandma and Grandpa. Addison and Asher liked the attention I think. Tuesday we did more lake activities in the afternoon, getting Alivia to get on the jet ski. She cried at first because she wanted off, then cried because she wanted on and wanted to go faster. She liked to pick out neat slides, find deer (lucky girl!) and look for ducks and pelicans. Wednesday we went back to Captain Ron's for more playing in the sand and swimming. Addison ventured out a little more in the water, too. We got to see ducks and 2 big swans! It takes little to get us excited. After a little snack at the bar and grill, we went to a local park to play at the playground while Asher ate and had another little picnic. Then we went back to the house for our little afternoon naptime. Alivia, Chris & I went back out to do more shopping (more Grandma's Candy). Alivia really liked being with Mommy and Daddy while her siblings napped! There was more jet ski rides and canoe rides for Alivia and Daddy, too. Chris and I loved going down the new slide. It took me like 10 minutes to muster up the courage to go down though. It is so tall! Wednesday night was our date night. We went to see The Dark Night. I have never seen a Batman movie before. This movie was quite intense and not relaxing at all! I am not sure I would recommend the movie, but it was a good movie in that it kept us on the edge of our seats. At 2 hours and 45 minutes or something, we felt it was about 45 minutes too long. And, the theater was SO LOUD that I think my hearing is permanently damaged from all the gun shots in my ears! With all of that said, it was nice to get to go out alone with Chris and have the opportunity to see a movie. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Asher was none too pleased about this, crying himself to sleep (we went to the late movie at 8:10, but I was still not able to put him to bed first). Thursday was an exta day since we were originally going to go home on Thursday. We tried to stay close to the house doing activities in the lake. Grandma Bet & I did a little tubing (and Grandpa can be a crazy captain!). I swallowed much of the lake I think, but it was fun. Alivia took more jet ski rides and swam in the lake a long time with Grandma and Grandpa! :) Addison & Asher stayed close to the house. Addison just did not want to go in the water, but liked to watch all the lake activities from the martini deck. She did like feeding the fish with Grandma, too. Asher worked hard on perfecting his crawling (oh, he is so mobile now!). We all enjoyed an afternoon nap on Thursday, which was nice.

Okay, family favorites:
Chris: Jet ski rides, canoe rides, our date (he has to say that :) ), swimming, the slide, Grandma's cookie dough and sweet corn, Grandma's Candy's Taffy & almond clusters and "sleeping in" in the same room with Asher and Addison (ha ha).

Alivia: Watching Curious George and her new Bee Movie to and from the lake, sleeping in the same room with Grandma Bet (how nice of her!) in the bunk beds and on the roll out chair beds, jet ski rides, Captain Ron's beach, canoe rides, seeing the ducks, deer, pelicans, etc, swimming, watching everyone go down the slide, Grandma's cookie dough and snacks, & playing at the newly found lake playground.

Addison: Sleeping in the new pack n play Grandma and Grandpa bought her, Captain Ron's Beach, snacks and cookie dough, eating, eating and more eating, following Grandpa Bill everywhere, and going in and out of Grandma and Grandpa's doors.

Asher: Eating, nursing, getting 2 teeth, learning to crawl, playing with toys on the sun deck and martini deck (minus the martinis of course), & napping at the lake. Asher did NOT like date night.

I liked the whole trip, minus the car ride. I liked the water, being outside, loved the beach, the slide, the boat and the jetski. I liked my parents help (which was sooo appreciated! I was able to swim, go on a canoe ride and much much more that I would not have been able to do if they had not have been there!). Chris and I enjoyed our alone time with the kids, shopping and our date night. It is nice to get away and have a change of scenery. And, Chris & I learned that we definitely need a bigger car!

Until next year...enjoy the many pictures!    

Asher playing on the deckAddi in the waterAlivia on the dockOff for a canoe rideSplashing AsherAt Captain Ron's BeachEating corn...Addison's 1st time!Crawling baby boy!Grandpa Bill & AddisonOff for a ride

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