Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quiet Time

Nap time around here is called "quiet" time. However, it is rarely quiet for those over age 4. On weekends, Chris and I work diligently on those many outdoor projects, like staining the play-set & the fence, hedging the bushes, weeding, mowing the lawn, touching up the paint on the house, etc, etc. During the week, during my hour (if I am lucky that is all I get anymore), I eat my lunch (if I ate with the kids I would still be finishing my lunch from November!), clean up lunch, get a sippy of B.milk ready for Asher when he wakes up while blogging and checking/responding to email. Once a week I mow the lawn (I have a monitor I wear that lights up so I can see if anyone needs me & I check on them often. It only takes me a half hour though). I started mowing as a favor to Chris. After a long day at work, I was sure he did not like coming home and having to mow the lawn. Then I  had a family member say, probably joking, that I should be mowing the lawn. I, taking things personally, thought, "like I do not work so I do not do anything." So, now I have taken upon myself to mow. Today, for example, I did the weekly mowing, bottle, kitchen clean-up, purchased some stock on the stock market (my first quiet time thing to do), and am about to go and clean up upstairs and start a load of laundry. Alivia will be awake anytime. Wooh! And people think SAHM don't do anything!

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