Thursday, July 31, 2008

To do list of the week

Every week I create a to do list for myself. It can vary from a couple things to many things to do. For example, this week I have a somewhat long list:

1. Try and get windows fixed: We have 3 windows with broken seals. After first thinking we had to replace them, I did some research. They can be repaired! It will be done tomorrow. Yeah!

2. Get roofing estimates. Our insurance agent came and looked at our home after the summer storms and found 3 shingles to replace on the roof. That is it. I found this to be unacceptable considering those around us were getting new roofs. I found it difficult to believe that we only needed 3 shingles. So, I had 2 roofers come out. One took pictures of the damage and resubmitted it to our insurance. We are currently seeing if they will change their minds on the 3 shingles recommendation.

3. Find a Honda Odyssey. We decided on a mini van and this is what we want. It is the end of the month, which is when the dealers are more willing to negotiate. We found a couple used ones that we liked, one is in Lincoln, the other we feel is overpriced. So, we will wait and see. They look at us and think we HAVE to have a car. Hey, we have gone several months with just the Camry. We are not desperate!

4. Sell the excess "stuff" in our storage room. I had an unsuccessful garage sale to get rid of excess clothing of the girls and myself. It is all sitting in our storage room. Chris does not like clutter, so I have to get rid of it and fast. I sold our patio chairs too (the table that was destroyed in the storm) on Craigs List and the remaining items I am beginning to sell on Ebay. I have not sold on Ebay in a while, so we will see how this works. It is a lot of work and late nights, and that is all I will say for now. Hopefully I will get more than 99 cents out of the stuff.

5. Schedule a haircut for Chris. This should be the easiest thing, but as of today, Thursday, I have not done this! Everytime I think to do it, I can't find the phone!

6. Finish July pictures. July brought in over 400 pictures. I think I have issues. I take pictures of everything!

7. Oh, and Chris reminded me of this...House hunting. Yeah, like we have nothing better to do, we have been considering moving (perhaps why I am busy getting windows fixed and making sure the roof is fixed). Long story short, we need to get out of here. Since late July of 2006, Chris has wanted to move. The fence we installed did not make the problem go away; it just made things worse.  After looking at a few homes, we have decided to wait. First, our plate (at least mine) is just too full right now. Second, the market stinks. Third, they want us to sell our home first and then buy (our neighbors sold a home similar to ours in 3 days in May...yeah, I will not be living out of the Camry with 3 kids while we look for our next perfect home!). So, we will have to stay here until spring at least and leave our blinders and ear plugs in. :) Like I said, long story.

All of this is between going to the grocery store, doing laundry, cooking, baking, cleaning, going to the zoo, visiting Grandparents, etc. I will repeat, as a SAHM I do not get to sit much and eat bon bons. That is a total misconception.

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