Saturday, July 26, 2008

On the move & talking about it

Asher is on the move!

When we left last weekend, Asher was scooting with his arms and army crawling. He could get around a room, but it was at a slow pace. He was just beginning to get up and start the crawling process last Friday. Now, he is up on all fours and lunging forward and quickly moving throughout a room into the next. He gets up on all fours to crawl and just rocks, opting then to do a lunge forward. He has taken two or three crawl moves forward just today! It is so adorable to watch how excited he gets that he can get to things he wants (like the TV remote). At the lake, he started doing this new exercise so he could reach a red balloon. He can get to crawling from sitting but I do not think he can sit from crawling yet.

Talking about it: Asher is also really babbling now. "Dada" "lala""Ba ba" and a lot of little Asher babble that I am not sure how to spell. Maybe I will try and video this and upload it.

What will he be doing next?

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