Saturday, December 08, 2007

Take Nothing For Granted...& Don't let evil win!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007. I was sitting down to nurse Asher and decided to turn on the TV. What I found will forever change me. Breaking News: There was a shooting at the Von Maur store. Anyone who knows me knows that if I did not have a newborn, I may have been shopping at that store on that day. Many people in and around Omaha could have said that, "It could have been me." Chris had gone out to run errands for me. What if I would have sent him to Von Maur instead of the Gap to buy something for Asher? We could picture where the events unfolded on that day. The shooter was on the third floor, the floor with the children's department, gifts and the free gift wrapping. We have a number of gifts under our tree with the pretty gift wrap from Von Maur. The employees that lost their lives on that day were people that had nicely waited on us. May eternal light shine upon them.

As I went out to a Christian bookstore yesterday to pick up some things for Asher, both Chris and I thought aloud how going out to run errands had cahnged. I could not say it better than the following article,

"It should teach us we need to be right with God every day. It should remind us to hug and kiss our loved ones at every opportunity, to bury the hatchet with those we hold grudges against, to embrace new neighbors moving next door, to visit our ailing grandparents more often, to tip the waitress well, and to help co-workers when they're swamped and we're unencumbered.

The bottom line is hope. Without hope in Christ, I hang it up. I've had enough. But we all must press on with hope. Without hope, none of the family, friends and loved ones grieving the unspeakable losses suffered this week can even begin the healing process. Omaha will never turn the corner and would be forever be defined by this pitiful act of selfishness and cowardice.

So pray. Ask for the grace to make it through this ordeal that has touched a city and a nation. Support Westroads and Von Maur by returning to your holiday shopping the moment the mall reopens. Don't live in fear. Don't let evil win."

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