Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daycare Blues

The girls and I (and perhaps Chris) are suffering from the daycare blues. Our daycare itself is working out fine. Miss Rachel is really nice. However, the transition has been far from smooth. I took them part-time this week because I THOUGHT that would help with the transition.  However, I think that may have made things worse. Alivia has started acting out at home, refusing naps and not going to bed at night. She was still awake at 10 pm last night and I had to wake her at 7 this morning. She is acting naughty in part because she is so tired.She has also started to have accidents. Although she seems to like daycare and the activities she is doing there, she clearly is having difficulty adjusting. She is acting much as she did in the previous daycare situation, except she is not crying when I drop them off.  I am exhausted from trying to get my job done and get ready to leave on my trip (getting myself and things ready on the home front) and am frustrated by not having the time to do any of it. Chris, in the meantime, has major projects at work that have kept him later and he is brain fried when he gets home. The last thing he needs is me venting my day or coming up with his own patience to help Alivia through her transition to the new situation. I have to say, Chris was probably right when he said that I should just quit my job. I am stubborn. I have come this far, might as well just finish it out. Now, if I can just get Alivia to agree with me. Luckily, Addison is doing fine with all...knock on wood.

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