Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Merry!


Grandma Jones
Tickle me Grandma
Addison & Samuel

I feel like I should post every couple days since we have so much going on. On Saturday, we met Grandma Jones and my parents out for lunch. It was a nice treat since we usually cook. Afterwards, I stopped at home and dropped Chris and Alivia off so she could take her nap and Addison and I took a trip to visit Grandpa Jones in the nursing home. He looked quite thin and was happy to see some Christmas goodies! Addison and I also stopped by Heather Dumas' house to drop off her presents. We did not get to stay since Addison and Kaidence were both asleep.

This afternoon we went to Chris' Aunt Pat and Uncle Denny's home here in Omaha. Alivia and Addison got some toys and clothes. Alivia got a tent from Aunt Pat and Uncle Denny that she really likes. Addison and Samuel hit it off, only being 2 months apart. It was nice to see everyone. It took 2 hours to put Alivia to bed tonight! Then Chris had to put up the tunnel system that the girls are getting tomorrow. All their other toys were ready to go.

We are going to Mass in the morning, then coming back to our home to open presents and celebrate Jesus' birthday with my parents. We are looking forward to the first Angel food birthday cake. This is quite a 1st Christmas for Addison!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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