Saturday, June 24, 2017

Whole30: Final week!

OMG we are inches so close to the end of our final Whole30 we can taste it. ;)

Already, I am starting to prep for our upcoming vacation and stocking up on non whole30 items. Not like we are going to go crazy...but I did buy some pop chip type things at Costco that I want to try. Honestly, I really do not know what I will do differently. I am a very habitual eater. Very. I like to eat the same things over and over once I find something I like. Whole30 has led me to find new favorites to eat over and over. :) My new thing...LEMON LARABARS! They are great to eat at work when I have very little time to eat. They are to die for!

Breakfast: I am sticking with my egg whites, watermelon and coffee. I do not care what people say, watermelon is the bomb. It is mostly I am not giving it up. I balance it with other fruits like my mix of strawberries and blueberries.

Lunch: I keep lunch simple with canned salmon (not as gross as it sounds but not the best either), vegetables and fruit. If I am very lazy I have more egg whites. They are full of protein so a great addition. And, after 4 years of eating them, I am still not sick of them.

Dinner: Shrimp, chicken of some sort or salmon. I am very bored with dinner. I do love my grilled sweet potatoes for dinner. I have decided I can not stomach acorn squash. I believe it messes me up. I have eaten it a few times and got very bloated and uncomfortable. NOT WORTH IT!

Snacks: Larabars. I have tried to eliminate the morning snack. BUT, I just can't. I run at 5am, eat breakfast before 7am so I am hungry by 10. Sometimes I cross train, too, after running and after breakfast. Honestly, I would be better off having almonds or something over a larabar. But, I like my larabars.

This week I leave on vacation on Thursday. Chris will meet me on the 1st. I am sad we can not celebrate together. I am hoping. I will not be probably taking a complete after weight, either. Honestly, I do not think I lost any weight. I may have to start with, then I gained it back as I figured out what to eat. I do not think eating on vacation will be too bad since we are staying at my parents lake home, cooking our own food, etc.

On day 24...the end is near.

Energy is steadily getting better.
Skin is better

No tiger blood yet.
Still feel like I am missing something
Date nights are not the same when we cook our meals at home

 Day 26!
I can see the end...we are almost there!
Tiger blood may be near. I ran with my running mate this morning with paces in the 7:20s and I did not die. There were strikes of lightening chasing us mind you, so perhaps that was it??? Anyway, I felt much better. I did feel like I was dying trying to do my BBG Leg workout later, but whatever. I will take running and not falling apart at this point.

That was the good news. Bad news...the sweet potatoes and the acorn squash are killing me. So I googled it. Neither are good for IBS which I have. Excellent. Seriously, I feel like death after eating them. It does not take long either and my stomach is in so much pain I can not move. I had a potato before the pool last week and looked pregnant at the pool (nice right?!). I usually eat them at night, but who wants to feel like that at night either? Sadly, I can not be eating them. I have a couple left that Asher will help me finish off. Then it is back to the other vegetables that are not as carb filled. Sad day for this runner girl.

I weighed myself today because I will be working tomorrow night (so will not weigh Wednesday for sure), and I leave Thursday to the lake. Our last day is Friday so I should weigh Saturday. I am not taking a scale to the lake. So...this is it. Looks like I lost 4 pounds. I guess I had that to lose. Honestly, this is my "heavy" part of the month, too. I am shocked actually. It will not take me long to gain that back though. Honestly, I can not tell. My clothes pretty much fit the same. I must have lost 2 pounds per breast. I am sure I lost the weight in the first couple weeks and just maintained it the last 2 weeks because I am eating A LOT!

Favorite food now: Lemon Larabars!! OMG YUM! I will be eating them at work while watching my peers eat cookies and pizza. I am not kidding. These are amazing and a must try. Again, Larabars are discouraged on the whole30...But they are better than eating, I don't know, A COOKIE!! I eat my protein, veggie first THEN my Larabar. I don't care because they are amazing.

Today we ate out for the first time since June 4. I wanted to take the kids out to lunch to see Chris, where he works now, etc. We ate at McAlister's Deli. Chris and I both got Garden Salads. I left starving. It was not worth my craving to eat out. I came home, ate some watermelon and a half of lemon larabar. I need chicken. :)

Nough said. Just a few more days. We can do this!!

Day 29

Quick post bc I am off to the LAKE!! So excited!
 Down to just a couple of days.

Leaner body
Don't have to count calories (I don't do this anyway)
Eat healthy
Clearer skin (Except during hormonal periods like now...seems worse!!).

Feel sad a lot
Date nights are not the same
Social situations can be a nightmare
LOTS of cooking and cleaning up!!
Lots of shopping

Overall, I am happy we did the whole30. I would not, however, do it again. Seriously, the first 20 some days were that bad. If I was not working out or running it would have been much easier. BUT, I do work out and run. Therefore, no I would not do it again. I would encourage others to give it a go if they need to clean up their diets and hope to lose some weight. My diet was not THAT bad before and I did not have weight to lose but I am part of a team (and Chris' diet needed a refresher!). I will update when we are DONE! YEAH!! Not sure what is next...but I am looking forward to it!!

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