Monday, July 10, 2017

Whole30: After

Well, Chris and I successfully finished our whole30 on June 30. Chris did not weigh himself before, during or who knows?!?! I did not weigh myself in the end because I was out of town but lost 4 pounds perviously. I am sure I am back to my normal weight now. :)

So day 1 off of whole30 I stuck to the whole 30. Then Chris joined me at the lake bringing snacks. I had the chips I bought from Costco 2 days in a row. I did not notice any side effects per say...but did notice better energy on my runs the next day (keep in mind I was not eating much in the way of carbs at this point due to not tolerating sweet potatoes or acorn squash). The third day I ate Costco Chocolate Chip cookies. OMG these were so good. So I ate whole30 all day and had 2 cookies for dessert at dinner. I, again, did not notice any side effects, but went to bed shortly after eating them. The next morning, my stomach was sore during my run. I can not have gluten and it was obvious. Since then, I have had the same pop chips every day and had a chocolate chip larabar. Yesterday I was whole30 except the larabar. I realize I do not need the chips, I just love them. :) Unfortunately, we have 3 LARGE Costco sized bags of them at home and the kids do not like them. Chris, there are chips for you!

Chris and I both agreed that the whole30 was like food prison. We were less happy in the same bubble of foods we could eat. Having kids and eating like that is pretty difficult, in my opinion. With that said, I will try to eat mostly whole30, maybe 80/20 or better. So far I have been eating whole30 with one new thing added in daily. Today's chocolate chip larabar tasted like heaven. It tasted amazing. My chipotle chicken salad (where the chicken was the only non compliant thing) last night was amazing. I have not had pizza yet as I am dreading the side effects. But, I have gotten to not enjoy pizza anymore anyway for that reason.

Both Chris and I have stuck with our eggs for breakfast. Lunch I started eating romaine lettuce wraps with no sugar added turkey from Costco (called plainville turkey slices I believe). Just turkey wrapped in lettuce with salt and pepper and mustard. I started eating this in the last days of whole30 and have continued to eat these wraps. I like them! Great thing to take to lunch at work, too. Dinner is usually whole 30 compliant, too.

Overall, I would recommend whole30. But it is VERY STRICT and probably has a poor success rate. Chris failed on several occasions and should have started over (but he would have just quit and not started over so we let his slip up slide).

Wanna try Whole30? I wanna hear what you think!

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