Monday, July 10, 2017

The Lake 2017

Since we took our family vacation over spring break, it gave us more freedom to get to the lake as a family. Chris got to join us this year!!

Addi, Asher, Addi's friend Sidney, and I drove to the lake on Thursday, June 29 staying through Friday, July 7. Addi did not want a birthday party with a bunch of friends this year, she just wanted her friend Sidney to go to the lake with us. Done. Chris and Alivia joined us with Alivia's friend Katy and Asher's friend Conner July 1-5 (Alivia stayed until July 7 with me though). Talk about craziness! 6 kids at the lake is crazy!! The food, the chaos! WE WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!

The kids enjoyed tubing on Grandma's latest toy, a 3 person jet ski he bought from his neighbor that moved away. It is very nice. It was super nice to be able to pull the kids on the tube behind it, too. Chris brought a nice 3 person tube from Costco. The kids had a blast on that, too. Gotta have a new toy every year. I swear next year I will get a platform. Really, I mean it (Well, unless Chris puts a pool in our backyard...then never mind).

Conner and Katy tried water sking, Alivia skied again while Asher skied and got up for a short while. Hopefully he will ski again on our next trip later this month.

Chris got out the canoe and we all took peaceful canoe rides with him. Chris and my Dad got up at 5:30 daily to chase the sunrise on the jet skis. Chris got some fun GoPro footage of those rides, too. We did a little boating to see the big houses on the lake. The kids ate us out of the house. Grandma was a pro at serving them I tell you. Grandma and Grandpa left Thursday and I was not as efficiant without them, that is for sure!

We took all 6 kids to the candy store. Chris bought candy and souvineers for all over them. Addi, Sidney and I went to the outlets and did a little back to school shopping. Those girls like shopping way more than I do!!

We had an amazing time. Sadly, both Addison and Asher's friends will probably move away this year (milatary). It was fun for the kids to spend quality time with their friends before they move.

My Mom and Dad are amazing hosts. Thank you!! We love the lake. We missed it the second we left.

We will be back...sooner than later. I am thinking next week!

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