Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our Crazy Summer

The kids got out of school on May 25, Alivia's birthday. We had Memorial Day Weekend, then it's been very busy ever since.

Week 1:
Alivia had cross country camp all week at the high school. She loved it.  Meanwhile Asher had Creighton Soccer Camp. He loves that every year. On June 1, I started a new job. Well, kinda new. I started working for CHI. I will be working at ONE hospital instead of working for the agency and floating all over. I negotiated a good salary so that I did not take a pay cut. After my quick orientation on the first, I did not work again until the 11th (Long story I will not get into. It is just a good thing I don't NEED to work, right?). Addison started to get annoyed that everyone was gone all the time.

Week 2:
Alivia started to go to cross country conditioning at the high school every morning at 7am. I pick her up at 740 (although it goes until 8:30) and drive her to Catholic Ed. I home schooled Addi and Asher this year (another long story. Let's just say the book is $20 but the cost of Catholic Ed is $130, which is more than double what it was when Liv started and more than double what my friends pay in Omaha. That made Alivia go because she gets confirmed next Spring. I am looking into other options for Addi and Asher). Anyway, Liv is in Catholic Ed until noon. Monday through Thursday, Liv then went to soccer camp at the high school. Meanwhile, Asher was going to soccer try out training. I was beginning to think I was living in my car and very thankful I was not working. Addison, well, she stayed in her room most of the week. In the afternoons we went to the movies Tuesday, the Dentist Wednesday, and Addi had piano Thursday. By Thursday, Addi was frustrated. I asked to take her to the pool, but she said, "We have been gone all week!" She then decided she would go to the lake with my parents this week. We did go to the pool on Saturday (convincing Addi to go) finally.

Week 3 (current week).
Liv is in her second and final week EVER of Catholic Ed. She is continuing to go to cross country conditioning in the mornings. I can not believe she is getting up that early EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING! Asher is in the midst of soccer try outs. He is only trying out for one team, so we are hoping this works out! Addison left Monday morning for the Lake. She is on the boat right now having a picnic lunch with her Grandparents. That is what summer is all about! Liv is shopping with Chris' mom this afternoon. Asher is watching a movie with his friend. Tomorrow I work. So the afternoon I will somehow take a nap. Always a challenge. I do not work much in the summer for very good reasons. I CAN'T SLEEP!

Week 4 will finally be free. I can hardly wait. We can go to the zoo, the forest, hit the pool and plan our trip to the lake! Yeah! Oh, I do work 2 nights next week sans the sleep again and the sugar in my diet (really, try and stay awake all night without sugar! I downed a lot of coffee to keep my eyes open!).

Hope your summer is as fun as ours. Gotta make note, because some day I will miss this.

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