Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Whole30 Challenge

Week One:

Today, June 1, marks day one of our Whole30 challenge. We are making it a family affair. With that said, the Whole30 is flexible for the kids and not flexible for Chris and I. Why?

In January, Chris said he needed to eat better. He had me buy all paleo foods. He ate good until January 3, then went back to his normal ways. I was not going to eat Paleo. So, that did not help him.

Chris has had a challenging 2017. His job was extremely toxic, he was job hunting, stressed, and then got a new job. Fast forward to today. His depressed eating patterns have continued. He may have gained some weight (although he carries it better than I would if I gained weight) but it is more about his eating being an example for our kids and keeping healthy now that we are in our 40's. He got up at 4:15 one morning, went to crossfit at 5, came back and ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. Not kidding. Alivia, who is the least healthiest eater, eats her fair share of chocolate chip cookies, too. A few hours into Whole30, Alivia had goldfish crackers after cross country camp. I have to remember, she is a 13 year old very active girl who is a very selective eater. She is not going to do well with this challenge at all.

Today we ate eggs, bacon and fruit for breakfast. Lunch was more of a challenge because I was at work and Grandma was here. She made Asher a hamburger (with just mustard and no bun) with watermelon, strawberries mix. Alivia had a turkey meat taco salad that we pre made (basically lettuce, tomatoes and meat with my approved spices), and my mom said Addi had fruit and complained a lot. Nice. :) I am sure my mom thinks I am crazy and being cruel.I had a chicken salad, fruit and vegetables. I was content but not satisfied. I missed my rice roller, chips, chocolate, etc.

By afternoon snack time, the kids and I were invading the fruit. I know, we are to limit our fruit intake. BUT WE ARE HUNGRY!! I can not imagine what Chris will be like when he gets home. He packed larabars, banana and maybe some apples. He did not even pack a salad. He said he had a big breakfast (at 630 am!). Alivia has a soccer game at 5:45. So we are not even sure what time we will get dinner (the game is 545 to 7 on the schedule. UGH!). The plan is shrimp and grilled vegetables.

Chris did his 5am crossfit class and I cross trained for 70 minutes (a 40 minute hasfit and the 28 min bbg). Running rest day today for me. Tomorrow I hope to get a nice run in.

I miss sugar. Tomorrow will be better...I hope.

Whole 30 Day 5 

I clearly need to do more research. Like what to expect when on Whole30. Gees. Friday I ran and felt like I was going to die. Saturday I got up early and do not recall feeling too crappy on my run (but I have the whole30 brain fog, so I'm not sure). I ran 6 miles before 6:15. An hour later was at a soccer game. I really do not recall feeling too bad, tired, lethargic, but not overly so.

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's 70th birthday. Think eating out, cupcakes and icecream. Seriously. Chris got chicken plain and I had a salad where I asked for most of it to be excluded. My dry salad was disgusting but I ate it. Chris and I have both been really dizzy, light headed, so I have been trying to drink a lot today. It is very hot here, so perhaps that is it? I also have been sweating on my runs (which I do not normally do), so perhaps that is it? Who knows.

Today I tried running with my friend at 5am. Tried. I was dying. Not kidding. I was miserable. I wished someone could come and get me. I stopped every few feet. I told my friend I lacked energy to continue. No water, hot temps, Whole30 = feeling like total poo. Whole30 is not for those who run 7 miles before their work outs. Not kidding. BBG did not happen today. I felt like death.

After breakfast and carpooling my kids to camp, Catholic Ed and everywhere in between, it was lunch. I did not feel like more chicken so I had more eggs. OMG really. I had egg whites, a plate full of veges, almonds and a larabar. I also had grapes and watermelon as I cleaned them. I feel somewhat better now, not as weak anyway. Not sure I could run away from a robber but I'd try (where this morning I would just let the robber have me).

The Whole30 website has a timeline. Day 5 is "Kill all things." Good thing I did not read this before committing to do it. Days 6-7 are I just want a nap. Great because day 7 is National Running Day or whatever. I was planning on at least running that day. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Looks like my pants will get tight (Won't be going to the pool those days!) before reaching 10-11 which are reportedly the hardest days. Well I thought these were the hardest days. Great, they get worse?!?! All I have to say is I am looking forward to getting me some Tiger Blood come day 16. I want to run again! This stinks BIG TIME! BUT I CAN NOT QUIT!!

My skin looks better (Chris thinks I am seeing things).
I am sleeping great (because I can not move my body).

Extreme lethargy
All the cooking, all the dishes. Seriously, the dishes and the cooking. It is nuts!
Yesterday Chris saw pizza in the clouds and I dreamed of a Dr. Pepper while running with my daughter. I probably have not had a Dr. Pepper in 15 years. Clearly, I am craving me some sugar!

Until next time. I am going to take a nap! (I wish).

Day 6

Made it to day 6. Yesterday was so ugly. I was hoping today would be better. I did not run today because I knew I was not up to it. I got up at 4:55 as Chris left for the gym (okay he left at 4:40 but I rested a few more minutes) and went downstairs and cross trained. I did BBG legs followed by a hasfit tabata. Maybe whole30 is more for people less active. Again today, burpees seemed next to impossible. It was really hard to get through my BBG. This was the first time since day 1 I have done weights due to lethargy. I just did weights today in hopes of being able to finish the work out. Perhaps I should just walk...?

Breakfast: 4 egg whites, watermelon(Chris has scrambled eggs aka just eggs mixed up and bacon and fruit).
AM snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar (yum), mini one.
Lunch: Salmon, baked sweet potato, more watermelon (I know, but it is so good!).
Planned Dinner: Shrimp, acorn squash, and let's be honest, more watermelon
Snack at this afternoon's movie: apple pie larabar (hey, it is better than popcorn!).

I feel like I am eating way more food but still lack energy. I selected to take my kids to a movie today because I needed to save my energy for the running tonight for all their activities. Sad, but true! I walked into the pantry and eyed all the food I could not have. I feel full yet not satified.

Not sure today
No energy, going to the bathroom all the time like I am pregnant (which I am not), not feeling satified.

One more day down!

Whole 30: Day 7! 

I did eat fairly healthy before, but today I finally am feeling a little better. I feel like I can bring down a load of laundry without the help of my 9 year old son (not kidding). I ran a 7 something mile for 6 miles on this National Running Day but did have to stop some (which is not like me). Slow but sure. I did complete BBG arms, too. That is saying something.  I hope to run tomorrow too, and hoping for good things.

Breakfast: Egg whites (and a lot of them), 1 cup watermelon, black coffee
Lunch: Egg whites again (short on time), baked sweet potato (hoping this helps my energy), 1c. strawberries
Planned Dinner: Grilled Chicken Breast, acorn squash, maybe some watermelon if I get it cut.
Snack: Apple larabar and 5-10 shelled pistachios.

My kids are not eating whole30. That was a nightmare. I would have had to throw away my pantry in advance for them to do it. They cheat often when I am not looking, believe me. They had popcorn at the movies. My daughter is in all sorts of camps and eats all the provided snacks. All in all, they are eating more protein, fruit and vegetables and trying new things. So, that is all good.

Pros of week one:
* I feel more toned...? (see con though).
* I am eating more protein...maybe 30 percent is coming from protein. So, that is good. I know I was eating like 70 percent carbs before! YIKES!

*Feeling lethargic most of the week
*Grocery shopping!! Gees, I went to the store so many times.
* I feel like I am eating ALL THE TIME! I mean if I am not cooking, cleaning up, car pooling, I am eating. Just a lot more food than I am used to.

Helps to preplan my meals. Chris does not do this so starves at work. Sorry but not sorry, plan it out! I am sure he has lost 5 pounds (not that we are going to weigh ourselves or anything). I feel emaciated. Not kidding. Now that my energy is improving, I am hoping that will improve too.

That's a wrap on week 1! 1/4 of the way there. That was not that hard (I guess).

Check here for week 2.

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