Sunday, October 12, 2014

Post Marathon Thoughts

It's been weeks since I crossed the finish line to the Omaha Marathon. The pain, like childbirth, has been forgotten. However, the early morning training runs are still fresh in my mind (wait, I am still running pre dawn...maybe that's why!).

I decided not to run the Des Moines Marathon. I may be crazy...but not that crazy. That is just plain nuts. I have lost the desire to run long runs like that to prepare. I just don't have the drive to run another marathon so soon. I guess I am not that competitive.

I did, however, find the time to call Boston last week to see if I qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon. Come to find out, your time has to fit the requirements for the age you will be at the date of the race. My age bracket changes between now and 2016. So, now I have to finish in 3 hour and 40 minutes but to run in 2016 I would need 3 hour and 45 minutes. Therefore, my finishing time of 3 hour and 41 minutes was 4 minutes faster than the time needed to qualify! Although I am super excited, I know that it is not a guarantee that I will be able to run. They start having people with really fast times sign up first with the people closer to the cut off last. Therefore, you can make your time by a minute and still not get in because they are full. Crazy, right? So, we will see. I have to wait until NEXT September since the Omaha Marathon was one of the first qualifying Marathons for the Boston 2016 Marathon. Who knows what can happen in that amount of time.

I do plan on running another marathon next year. I want to run a destination marathon. I have not selected the destination yet though. I am not fond of winter training I am thinking no on Lincoln. I also have been there, done that. I want to run somewhere new!

I am still running with my friend Jen in the mornings. I am cross training some. I was even able to get a 15 miler in last week! It felt awesome! That is the perfect distance. It is the 22 milers that take it all out of me.

Now onto researching my next challenge. Marathon #3. Humm....suggestions???

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