Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween! Hope you all had a spooky good time! What a busy day!

The kids dressed in their Halloween attire to go to school on this Friday Halloween. They were so excited for the "Fall Parties." Heaven for bid we call them what them are, Halloween Parties.

Anyway, I arrived at 2pm to help at Asher's 1st grade Halloween party. The party was well organized and fun. They made witches brew, played 3 games (pin the nose on the pumpkin, bean bag toss and toss the pumpkin into the can) and made a hand print craft that turned out really cute. It was a fun party. I did get to sneak out and peek into Addison and Alivia's parties too. They looked fun, too. Alivia had nachos at her party!

At home, the kids had more candy before prepping for the big trick or treating event. Alivia and Addison were both vampires and Asher selected to be a soccer player (cheap costume for us!). Alivia's friends arrived before 6pm. She invited Emma and Lizzy to trick or treat with her. Addison and Asher kept together. We set out just after 6. We were the first ones out but we saw kids at the bottom of the hill (so not THAT early). Our neighbor Kathy was dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, so that was pretty fun. The night was cold, but not windy. So, we survived. The kids got boxes of cereal, Big candy bars, baggies of candy, $1 bills, and Chris and I were offered the usual "Daddy Juice" aka beer. It was a fun. Michael caught up with Asher and they set out together. They had fun RUNNING from house to house. Thankfully Michael had on glow sticks because if we looked away, we would lose them. They were that fast! We came back home 2 hours later with a lot of candy!! I have yet to sort it out (what they like and what we can donate) but we will do that in the next couple days. It was a fun night!!

Happy Halloween from our spooks to yours. :)

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