Sunday, October 12, 2014

Busy Busy

Chris and I used to think our lives were busy when are kids were little. We would hear from parents of older children who would tell us to enjoy them now as things just get busier once they are all in school. We wondered how we could get any busier.

The kids have all been in school over a year now and we are busy. The kids have at least one activity every day except Friday nights and Sunday's.  When I work, I come home form work, sleep, wake just in time to get to school to pick up the kids, then quickly take the kids to their activities. I am lucky to get home in time to get a good shower in and quickly get ready for work. I usually am running out the door with something to eat on the way to my work assignment. I'm also lucky to see Chris for even 5 minutes between, getting home, Chris getting home and me going to work. It is busy!

All three kids are in swimming lessons, the girls are in piano, Asher is in soccer with practice twice a week and games on weekends, and Alivia has now one tutor (Although she did have 2). It is just crazy busy. The days fly by without being able to reflect what is happening. Birthdays slip by. Where is all the time going? Our little babies are growing up while we are too busy to appreciate everything.

As I was getting my hair cut last week, my hair dresser told me how busy they were. She has a daughter who is a freshman in high school. I thought...I must stop being busy. We have to cut some of this out. It is good for kids to be active, but I want them to remember childhood as childhood and less of a circus.

Now...what can I cut? Time will tell but we will be making some cuts soon. I want our peaceful family life back! Wait, did we ever have that?

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