Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, I told the kids that they needed to stay in bed until 7am just in case Santa was running late. After reading the Night before Christmas and "All God wants for Christmas," and prepping a plate of cookies for Santa, the kids opened their PJs that Santa brought early. We were hoping this trick would help them sleep! :) Then we let them keep their ipods over night so they could see check the time. Amazingly, this plan worked! I heard Asher stirring about 6:30 and got up and allowed them all to come downstairs. MUST do this again next year!

The kids all have their own wrapping paper from Santa. Alivia had Christmas Polka dots, Addison had Santa, and Asher had HO HO HO! That way, they all know their presents without opening the wrong ones. Works great every year.

Alivia got a bean bag chair, a lounger pillow, a karaoke machine, clothes and lego friends stuff. Addison got more lego friends stuff, a pet store shop thing, a chair from Justice, bean bag chair, and clothes. Asher got more nerf guns, clothes, samari castle and set, and light sabors. There big gift from us they opened later as we shared it with my parents. We gave Chris his energy drink he likes, jeans, north face fleece and I made him a calender and a photo book. The kids all gave him a present, too. Alivia gave him a subway gift card, Asher gave him a Spider Man t-shirt from Dicks and Addison gave him cross fit socks from Rogue Fitness. Oh, and Chris got an Ipad Air. Chris gave me jeans, north face fleece (we think alike), Victoria's Secret things things, and more. We were all happy with our things.

We went to 9am Mass this year. We arrived about 20 minutes til 9 and sat up front as normal. Father sang through Mass. At first it was pretty,t hen it made me anxious. I could not tell what he was saying so I found it frustrating. Boo.

Back at home the kids played and prepared for my parents and my Aunt Marsha to arrive. We had paleo chicken and shrimp for dinner. It was wonderful...but I am not sure what our guests thought. I did not hear anyone complain, but I know they think we are weird.

The kids let us chill a bit after dinner before begging for more presents. Marsha had them have a little scavenger hunt for presents, which was fun. She gave the girls cute things from Clairs and Asher some Superman darts and nerf guns. From my parents, Alivia and Addison got more Lego friends and Asher got more batman and samari toys to keep him busy. Then, it was time for the big gift. We walked them downstairs to an indoor big ol bouncer! It is made by blast zone, the same as Addison's bouncer pool slide she got for her birthday, and we are hoping it will last. I shopped for this for a while and was able to get it for $60 less than what it is listed for now with free shipping (and this thing is quite heavy!). The kids are jumping behind me as I type. It is a good investment for indoor activity for the winter. It sure beats watching movies under a blanket to keep warm.

As for Chris and I, Chris was stocked up on clothes and I was stocked up with running gear. My parents are more than generous as usual. And, my Aunt, she treated us to Netflix! We love that. It is a great family gift!

We could not have asked for a better Christmas. We have what we need and then some, health, family who love us and each ther. We can not take any of those things for granted on Christmas or anyday.

Merry Christmas!

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