Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas with the Austins

Christmas started for us early this year with Christmas at Chris' parents' home with his parents and his Grandma Pat, who lives with them. We had been busy shopping and going roller skating that day, but the kids were still beyond excited to get the festivities underway.

Chris treated all of us to Mamas Pizza La Vista (yes, they have a La Vista location now! Move and they will come, right?! :) ). Then, it was time for the much anticipated presents.

Addison and Alivia received the Barbie dream house, barbies, clothes and new backpacks, while Asher (sharing with the girls) got an air hockey table, Nike clothes and more nerf guns (that boy has an arsenal of nerf guns!). Chris received a nice start to his hiking items neede for his summer summit up Longs Peak and I received a gift card to Costco where I can continue to stock up for our family. It was a nice to see everyone.

The next morning, at 5:50 AM, the girls woke to the Barbie dream house being complete. Chris stayed up late putting that thing together, perhaps saying a few choice words along the way. The girls really appreciated it, though. As Alivia says, The Dream House keeps us occupied. " Yeah for that, right?!


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