Friday, October 12, 2007

Addison Turns 15 months old!

Addison Rose is 15 months old today (it is also Grandpa Bill’s Birthday…so Happy Birthday Boppa!). Addison continues to be a little dare devil, trying to do everything her big sister Alivia does. She can climb up the slide the wrong way with ease, something Alivia did not do until she was 2 (Alivia is our timid one). Addison just started climbing up the little tikes slide we have in our basement and going down all by herself! Alivia always is amazed that Addison can do that. Addison is also not our quiet one, like Alivia is. Addison loves to scream and tries to say a number of words, although Mommy, Daddy, and Alivia may be the only ones that understand what she is saying. She definitely knows how to get her needs met.

Addison had her 15m appointment yesterday and had climbed to a whopping 17lbs 11oz on the scale! She was somewhat negative on the growth chart (less than 5% of the normal whatever normal is) and was 29 ¾ inches tall at 30%. She has not tolerated the switch from breast milk to whole milk, so she is to start on soymilk with carnation instant breakfast. Anyone who knows Addison and is around her much knows that the girl likes to eat, so hopefully this will not be a problem. She is even working on getting more teeth to eat with as a big molar has just broke through and her gums are all swollen with more to come. Anyway, she is scheduled for a weight check in December. She looks healthy, and we get comments all the time about her little chubby cheeks. So, I think she is just going to be small for now, but there is a whole lot of her to love.

In the next few months, Addison will go through a number of changes. We are hopeful that she will adjust okay to having a little baby in the house and no longer being Mommy’s little baby. Addison and I have a tight bond, and I do not see that changing.

We love you, Addison, our Baby Girl!

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