Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Process Has Begun

With a little (okay, maybe a lot) of encouragement from Chris, I have started to wean Addison just 1 week before her first birthday. After being pregnant and breastfeeding almost constantly for 3 years, you would think I would be ready. Oh, but I am not. Addison is doing well. I think I could cut her off altogether and she would be fine (that is the benefit of stopping now at 1 year instead of later I guess). Alivia was a bear to wean, so I hope that I am right about Addison. I have her at 3 times a day now. I am looking forward to weaning the noon feeding so the pumping in random parking lots will be over. I am going on a business trip shortly after Addison turns 13 months, and I do not want to take my pump again. I am SO TIRED of airport security questioning me and my breast pump that I can not wait to leave it at home. Since I am almost 4 months pregnant, it would probably be best to give all my nutrients to the new baby now.

So, wish Addison and I luck. Our little baby Addison is growing into her little girl body quicker than Mommy can mentally keep up with.

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