Thursday, February 27, 2014

Running Injured (& Scared)

I have reached my half way point of my full marathon training. I typically feel like I can run and run and run and not feel overly winded and rarely sore.

Not anymore.

I bought new shoes in the fall, but I did not start really wearing them until I started training. I don't know if it is my shoes or what, but my body is a mess!

First, my right knee started giving me troubles. It would just give out, ache when going down hill (or downstairs in the house). It is now to wear it aches and bothers me just to walk.

Today, due to it being maybe 10 degrees out, I cross trained inside. Cross training is hardly easier than running. If I had a treadmill, that would be easier. I did a 30 minute high intensity interval training Hasfit workout followed by a 25 minute T25 gamma extreme circuit.(you can watch the whole thing on this link!). My knee did not like some of the moves in the Hasfit, something I have done numerous times, so I did not do those exercises. By the time I was ready for the T25, I was stiff and sore all over. I did the T25 as best as I could, but my back was not happy now.

After getting showered up and running a quick errand (and making a real quick batch of cookies to take to the kids), I went up to school to eat lunch with the kids. Asher needed a napkin or something at one point, so I went to stand up and could hardly move. What happened?! This happened a few more times during lunch. By the time I went to walk to the car, I was limping on my knee and my back was killing me.

Back at home, I have swallowed my share of Motrin and am going to chill for a while. I had plans to go to the running store and buy another set of shoes. I'm thinking it is my brooks that are causing my knee pain. By babying my knee, the compensation is leading to back pain. I am just a mess.

So, my marathon training is on hold. Boo. So much for big lofty goals.


Courtney F said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you are injured. How long do you think you'll be out? Bummer!

The Austin Life said...

I don't know. I ran 4, 8 and 8 miles this week and then cross trained today. My knee tends to go out at mile 4. I've bought new shoes and it does not seem to get better. I think I need to cross train a week a just try and pull off my long runs...I don't know. I've never had this problem. Wouldn't u know it! :)