Friday, February 21, 2014

New Job or Stay Put

I have become more and more frustrated with my on call position at the med center. I increased my hours last summer, but my boss told me she could not officially increase my hours because the unit was fully staffed. When fall came, I started working 4-5 shifts every 2 weeks. I again asked to increase my status in November, and I was told again the hours were not available. In the meantime, my manager hired 2 new nurses for nights (when the hours were not available). Right after I asked to increase my status in November, my manager increased the status to the 2 new hires (giving one part time and one full time!!). I was beyond mad. Then, about 3 weeks ago, my manager emailed me and said she was cutting my hours because she gave them away to the 2 new hires. WHAT??!! I have been there almost 5 years and they have been there 4 months! I am/was beyond mad. So, I threw out my resume.

Within a week, I had interviewed with 2 pharma companies and 3-4 RN positions. In the end, it has come down to these two options/offers.

1. Stay with the med center working 3 nights every other week. Work on call at Boystown Peds in Omaha to fill in on my week off.
Pros: Flexible, predictable hours, one foot out of psych.
Cons: Still at the med center, complicated with 2 jobs to keep up with.

2. Part time, 2 nights a week with a local float pool.
Pros: Great pay!!
Cons: In psych, unpredictable work hours (limited flexibility but I am self scheduled), in order to take a vacation I have to make up the hours missed, unpredictable work environment.

I have until Monday to decide. Ugh. I used to be good at decisions. What happened to me? I like the flexibility I have now where I can take a month off if I want, but it would be nice to be paid more since I do not have any benefits (neither job offers paid vacation or anything).

We will see what Monday brings I guess.

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