Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from our 3 Valentines. :)

The kids were lucky to have Valentine's Day Friday and the following Monday off of school. It was wonderful! Thursday night into Friday, all 3 kiddos had sleepovers. Alivia had Lizzie, Asher had Cameron and Addison had Halle. It was crazy, but fun (for them. :) ). Good thing we stopped at 3 kids! Gees!

They had opened their Valentines on Thursday so they could wear their new clothes to school for the Valentine's party. But, they each got chocolates on Valentine's Day. The day was kinda busy with friends in the morning, we ran to a far away Target so I could buy my Valentine's Day present (a pleather chair and ottoman for the bedroom...Love it!), and then lunch with Jill and Asher's little girlfriends twins Maggie and Mackenzie. Asher bought the girls (and his friend Lydia at school) a rose filled with Hershey kisses. It was super cute. He wanted to do it, and we can't stop him because I want him to always be sweet.

In the afternoon, I had my 2 friends from work come to our house with their little girls. I have worked with Siobhan for almost 5 years, and I worked with Lauren for a good 2 years before she left (she is so smart!). It was fun to get together with our kids, and all the kids had fun together, too.

For dinner, we had pizza, what else?! :) Chris liked the gift I gave me and I gave him a Spider Stocking hat (one I found too cool to not buy him). Gotta love Valentine's Day! :)

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