Friday, February 21, 2014

Long Runs Getting Longer

I am now finishing up week 8 of my full marathon training schedule. Wow, it is brutal! I think I would be fine if the weather would just cooperate with me.

Last weekend, I actually ran my long run on Sunday. The kids were home on Friday and I worked most of the week, so I did not get my long run in during the week. I somehow convinced Chris to ride his bike behind me for what was to be a 14 mile run. I decided to run Zorinsky, running around the lakes twice. I had a feeling it may be more like 15 miles when I was finished, but whatever, right?!

Chris' Mom came by at 8:30 and we were off. We arrived at Zorinsky to overcast skies, cold air and a nice cold breeze. It was freezing.  I started running, soon finding out that there were many patches of ice and even more patches of black ice, the kind you don't know is there until you nearly fall on your ass. Fun stuff I tell you.

It was so nice to have Chris there to take my clothes as I stripped down (only taking off one layer but wearing my clothes, hat and scarf the entire time). Chris froze on his bike. We ran by the car at 7.5 miles and Chris stopped to get his winter coat and a second pair of gloves. He was froze. My face was but the rest of me was okay for the most part. My right knee had been bothering me, and this run was no exception. by mile 14, I stopped briefly to celebrate. When I started back up, my knee gave out. I nearly bit it...but limped until I finished at 15.1 miles. Gees! I had never been so glad to finish!

Today, I was to officially run 15 miles. I went back out to Zorinsky. When I charged my ipod, it erased my music libary (for the second time!! I may add). So, I had to run 15 miles without music! I was not happy! I hope I can fix this and fast because I need my music! Anyone, round one went well, but it was little icy. By round 2 the ice was melting, birds were chirping and my knee was holding up. I finished my run without limping. Success! Next week I am down to a half marathon. Funny, the half sounds so easy! It was be so nice to only do 13.1 miles. :) But I know the long runs after that are 17 miles, 18 miles working up to 20 miles. OMG! That is so far! Funny, I think that before I start but I somehow get my body to finish. It is only painful while I run...but then I am done!

I have learned a few things. I need to practice drinking while I run. Today I only drank at the halfway point as I passed the car. Also, when I am done, I need to take it easy at home. I went and ran errands today and my body did not like that. I felt sick. Not good. I could not wait to get home!

Gotta move forward. I have a big, lofty goal to achieve. At this point, I am not sure what I was thinking. I am also not sure how people do this more than once! :)

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