Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Photo Shoot

Chris was out putting up the Christmas lights a couple weeks ago when our neighbor Holly from across the street, whom we had never met, came over and told us about an article she was working on for the Omaha World Herald. She was seeking a family to do a photo shoot with. She is a contributing editor and photographer (check out her blog/webpage or find her on facebook) with the Omaha World Herald. I had wanted to take family photos, but getting all dressed up to take a picture seemed like too much work. So, she gave us a reason!

She did an amazing job. We are more than pleased. If you need family photos taken, seek her out. She is fun, relaxed, has a good eye and is quite patient. Addison was so wild and by the end all of the kids were, and Holly never skipped a beat. Thank you Holly!

Click here to see the photos...Enjoy!


Courtney F said...

She did a wonderful job! I love the pics and how awesome to get it done and help her out too! You have a beautiful family

Many Facets said...

Super cute portraits!