Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Shopping 2013

It is not a secret that I do not like winter (the cold, the wind, the snow...need I say more?!), crowds or shopping, so Christmas shopping does not come easy for me. Luckily, someone smart created online shopping!

Every year is different. One year I decided to buy the kids 10 gifts each. What was I thinking?! This year we created a budget. MY CHRISTMAS BUDGET tuned out to be a great tool! I plugged in each person we had to buy for and a budget, plugging in the real values in once purchased. LOVE this tool!

I started by taking the kids to the toy departments and stores and had them look through catalogs to select toys. They were beyond thrilled to get to do this. Asher kept his list short while the girls selected everything. Between the catalogs and the stores, I had a good list to start with. I took their dreams to online shopping to find the best deal, which turned out to be Amazon with free shipping and no up front sales tax.

At 9, Alivia is very selective. She asked for soft pillows and a bean bag chair, Lego friends things, soft PJs and, believe it or not, Alivia and Addison asked for a Barbie Dream House. Never too old for the big dream I guess. She already has the best gift ever, her ipad Mini. I would totally recommend the mini, too. It gets the most use of anything we have purchased for her (aside from her ipod touch that she had first).

Addison, At 7, also asked for a bean bag chair, Lego friends things but also asked for a Pet Shop and a Rainbow in my room. Addison had a difficult time narrowing down all the things she had to have. :) She would be overjoyed with an ipad mini, but with her history of breaking her ipod touch within 3 months, it just is not going to happen, says Santa Claus.

Asher, at almost 6 years old, was more specific on his wishes for Christmas. He selected Lego's (way beyond his developmental age, like 8 and older legos!), Nerf guns, and a dragon set. He also asked for a green machine! Boys will be boys, right?

Chris even provided a nice list this year. On the top, a new ipad air with stylus. Really? Where does he think I work?! :) Otherwise, his list was exercise related asking for weights, after workout drink, jeans, and the north face fleeces. Most days are casual at his work with jeans, so he loves being able to ask for and be able to wear jeans!

I made a list this year. After getting the napkin holder for my birthday, I decided I needed to make a list. I'm not sure why now. As I was shopping, I spotted things I liked. I called Chris to see about sizes for his family and he told me, "Just go ahead and buy your things, too." So, I did as I was told. :) So far, I am getting some really nice things. Ha! I also want an apple macbook air. It would be my first mac (OMG!). I wish to have one for photo editing and keep up my bookkeeping. Yes, I still keep track of where every penny goes. I think it is a lost art. I actually think Chris may get my the macbook because he wants an new ipad so bad so he can draw on it for work. :) Good thing we have Apple stock.

We found some cool things to give our parents this year and the great grandparents will get the annual picture calender.

We are most certainly not buying what is on everyone's dream list, but we want them to dream, right? Santa has something big to go under the tree this year for the kids to enjoy this winter that he may be sharing to give with the Great Santas this year, something I told the kids they for sure would not be getting. It will come as a big surprise.

Feels good to have it done just as the Christmas trees and ads start on TV. No offense, but I do not get into the commercialism of the day at all. I like the quiet day at home with family opening presents giving thanks to God, without commercials. Now, we can sit back and enjoy the season, completely stress free, right?!

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