Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visit to Grandmas

To celebrate May Day, Asher and I stopped by Trader Joe's for some flowers and made a visit to Grandma Marci. Grandma looked all dolled up for our visit. She was so happy to see us, especially Asher. She looked good for her nearly 101 years of age, but reported to me that she has not felt well. She has skin cancer on her chest and arms that they are just treating with topical creams, and she has some sort of nerve thing that causes her body to jump and spasm without warning (probably due to age). Some days are better than others.
Asher was such a sweet little boy, giving Grandma the flowers and a big hug before quietly eating his lunch. Asher helped Grandma and I communicate as Grandma can not hear the pitch of my voice at all, but it appeared she could hear Asher better.
As we said good-bye, Grandma gave Asher a birdhouse and a plague that she wanted him to have (kinda funny) and told me to make sure Asher and the kids know how much Grandma loves them and loved them when she is gone. So sad to have to think like that.

The visit made me think how lucky I am to be able to share my Grandma with my kids. We need to visit more often.

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