Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Living on the Edge

I have lost all motivation, to work, to sing (oh Thank God, right?!), to play, and to blog. I will try and do better.

Since our nice President (complete sarcasm) took his first oath of office, we have been living on the edge. Chris works as a government contractor. He has been through several lay offs and survived so far. His office space is now practically empty. He shares one big office, once held by a manger, with one other guy. His original boss and original co-workers from way back when he started (this has been Chris' only job since college!) were cut this last week. It is ugly there.
Meanwhile, Chris was working on the Florida task with a Pennsylvania management team. His management, women, were evil, back stabbing, lazy, witches. Really, you should see how they "talk" to him via email. Long story short, the one manager was railroading him, more or less forcing Chris into saying, "I QUIT!" She was putting short time lines on difficult tasks, making Chris work through the weekend and long nights to complete, would tell him to do one thing and then once he did it ask him why he did it, etc, etc. She went crazy emailing him straight for 3 hours last Friday to the point where Chris took it to the National Contract Manager who happens to be local (Chris' 2 managers are not local). This manager was shocked by the BS that Chris was contending with, dropped Chris from the Florida contract, and put him on another one starting this upcoming Monday.
This last Monday, we thought Chris would surely be cut sooner than later as he would be their first choice considering how his manager was treating him. They lead him to believe, he would be cut this week, during a meeting that was to happen on Thursday. We were scrambling, trying to decide what we would do if and when unemployment hit us. They sometimes give 2 weeks, but many times they just cut the people and walk them out. His company is evil in how they treat their employees. Now, Chris can breathe, but this is short term. Yet, he remains on the short list to be cut.
We are both scrambling to see who can get the best new job first. I'm beginning to think I have a spelling error on my resume as I do not hear back from anyone. There goes working part time while I stay at home so there would not be a hole on my resume. I thought that would help!
In the meantime, I am continuing to work every other weekend, but I have bumped up my hours to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a major adjustment as I went from Friday through Monday at 9:30pm with 8 hours of sleep. I was exhausted and an emotional mess by the end.

I'm actually hoping one of us will find a new job by the end of summer. Chris is applying to jobs in all over, not just here in Nebraska. He has been applying here for months without any reporting back. So, time to up the ante. In the meantime, we will continue to wonder where we will be living tomorrow, if we will be employed, can we take a vacation? Will we move (that is a never ending question)? Should we just sell our home now since it appears to be inevitable? Really, we are living day to day waiting for the next fireball to be thrown at us by Chris' company.

Living life on the edge has been fun (sarcasm), but we are really to live with a little more certainty and a little more boredom. Does that exist?

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Courtney F said...

I am so sorry you are going through this! How tough. I am praying for you. We have lived many times of uncertainty and it sucks, but when it comes to jobs, it has always worked out for the best. Let me know if you need anything.