Monday, May 20, 2013

Annual Garden Walk

A couple weeks ago, Asher and I decided to visit the Omaha Botanical Gardens. It is usually so pretty this time of year. And, they had a fun lego exhibit that I knew Asher would love.

At least I was right on one part.

Asher loved the indoor lego exhibit. They had a lawnmower, a flying bee, buffalo and more...all made out of legos! It was amazing. They had a fun little area for Asher to build with Lego's too, which he enjoyed doing for a long while.

Now, the gardens were not all that pretty. The place was honestly a total mess. I believe they said parts of the garden were closed for the sewer separation project, but don't quote me as I am not sure that was entirely the reason. Over half of the gardens, including the outdoor train exhibit, were closed! I could not see any reason why the trains had to be closed, too. I thought they entry should be cut in half considering over half of it was closed. Just saying. We were both quite disappointed.

I guess we will have to wait and see the gardens in their pretty state next year.

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