Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Favorite Things...

What are your favorite things? Ours vary by the day. This is what we have to have the moment:

1. Almond M&Ms: Love almonds, love chocolate, love them together even more.
2. Greek Yogurt, Vanilla flavored. Greek yogurt is an aquired taste, but with its 12g of makes one fuller longer and we get the protein  this non meeting eating family needs! The kids all agree...Mmmm!
3. Special K Cracker chips. These are new...and just the right mix of sea salt and crunch. Mmmm.
4. Berkshire sheets: Okay...enough with the love love our Berkshire soft sheets from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Grandma Kathy set the kids up with new sheets of a different brand that may even be better!
5. Netflix: For this family without cable, Netflix is a lifesaver during the long, cold, Nebraska months. Thank you Aunt Marsha for the great gift!
6. Diet cocoa: Yes, I know, sounds gross. But, it is only 25cal per serving so one can afford to have many servings per day when it is SO COLD! Have I mentioned that Nebraska winters are not one of our favorite things?
7. Target: Think I will buy stock in Target this year. Seriously, one can go there for clothes, toilet paper, food, furniture and more. I can not say that about any other store. LOVE Target.
8. Ipod: I run with I love it. Chris has a touch...and he does everything on it. We considered buying the Ipad...but opted against it at the moment.
9. Camera: I have to have my camera at all times to capture as many moments as I can. With that said, our current camera is pathetic. We purchased a new one at the Mart, one that was to be in stock, until pick up time. Now, it seems it is not in stock. we wait for its arrival...someday.
10. Old Navy slippers. These slipped were many $10, but they are so warm that I wear all the time. LOVE THEM!

This completes the list for the Austin Top 10 at the moment. Okay, can't live without our computer either...but that is like we can not live without our house or something (we have done that though).

Until next time...

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fourkidsmom4 said...

good choice on camera. we love our digital rebel. we actually have two now. our 13 year old won't let us sell the old one. :)