Sunday, January 30, 2011

7th Catholic Wedding Anniversary Celebration...

Tomorrow is our 7th Anniversary of our Catholic Wedding. To celebrate, Chris lined up that the kids spend the night at his parents. So...what should we do together, without kids?

Chris took the kids to his parents yesterday afternoon while I ran errands. When I returned, Chris was out running, enjoying the warmer January weather.

Then we decided to do a little shopping. We shopped, unsuccessfully, for things that are not so easy to shop for with kids. For dinner, we went to Kobe. We had not been there in years. It is still a fun and good place to eat.

We enjoyed a quiet night at home watching movies and just relaxing.

Today we enjoyed sleeping in a bit, running in the freezing cold TOGETHER, before Chris was off to get the kiddos.

Chris and I have been married 11 1/2 years in all, just 7 for the Catholic wedding. The last couple months have been difficult on us. We needed some space alone to talk without interruption. With 3 small kids, talking without interruption is next to impossible.

Now, we can move forward to celebrate our love together...forever. Happy Anniversary Topher!

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