Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Addison's Half Birthday: 4 1/2!

Today Addison is 4 1/2 years old! Addison is still, and will always be, our little girl. She has changed a lot since turning 4. She finally said good-bye to her Taggie, has learned many things in school, but still loves playing with her dolls. Addison is learning to read and perfecting writing with her LEFT hand...yes, Addison is left handed! She likes to read stories, color, play with Asher, and loves going to preschool and playing with her friends, especially Bella. Addison loves stuffed dogs and has a ton of them. She also loves Mickey Mouse and is requesting to go to Disney World soon.

Addison loves to chat and ask questions. But, she is also full of not so nice things to say that we have no idea where she got those words! She seems to know things before they happen, too. She keeps saying that she is going to have a baby and live at Grandma Bets' house. Addison is definitely one of a kind, just the way we like her!

Happy Half Birthday, Addison Rose!

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