Saturday, March 03, 2007

There's no place like home

Oh, what a week! I missed being home so much! I left on Sunday morning to Tuscon, Arizona making my way through horrible street conditions and sick conditions. I made it to the resort and got my own room since I was sick. Then, Monday I had off since I was sick. I stayed in the room and ordered fruit smoothies. I sat on my patio in the afternoon sun and read magazines. It was not that bad.

Grandma Kathy came on Sunday night after Chris put the girls to bed. She stayed through Tuesday afternoon. Alivia was able to handle me being gone better because of the Grandmas. Grandma Bet came on Tuesday and stayed through TODAY! She was stuck here with the interstate being closed. My Dad took back roads to get to here today since I-80 remains closed. Crazy.

Let's see what I learned this week:

1. There is no place like home

2. The bathroom at the airport is not a fun place to use a breastpump (I pumped more than 7 1/2 hours while I was gone! Now that is dedication!).

3. Never leave a breastfed baby at home who is weaned from the bottle and does not like the sippy cup. (Addison drank very little milk while I was gone opting for juice finally! I don't know how she is content at daycare everyday!)

4. Grandmas are lifesavers

5. Moms should not have to leave their children

6. Find a family friendly job (one who understands that 4 pm conference calls on Fridays may not be the best time when you have kids in daycare you have to pick up by 5 pm!)

7. The airport may be open, but if the streets are closed everywhere...stay in Arizona where it is warm and dry!

8. Being stuck in an airplane buckled in for 2 hrs and 15 minutes on the ground is never fun (I can see why people are sueing for being stuck for 11 hours on the ground. I was about to lose it in 2 hrs!)

9. If the pilot says we will depart in 15 minutes...he is lying.

10. Never drive on I-680 at midnight if there was a blizzard, the streetlights are off, no cars are in sight and a snowplow has not cleared the road! It makes for a VERY long and scary drive home in the middle of the night without 4 wheel drive (oh, didn't you know...I do not live in the snowbelt! Could have fooled me!). I-680 was closed.

11. Co-workers are just that...Co-workers.

12. There is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

I missed the girls and Chris so much this week. Addison was so excited to see me, too! Alivia acted like I had never left. I will enjoy the next couple days more than ever...and who cares about the 15+ inches of snow. I am AT HOME!

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