Monday, March 12, 2007

Addison turns 8 months


Addison is now 8 months old. We can hardly believe that much time has passed already (do I say that every month?). She was sick tonight - so I did not even get a picture! She gets her pictures taken tomorrow with Alivia for Easter if she feels better. I will post the proofs when they are ready.

Addison is crawling really well now. She is talking some, "Dada" mostly. Addison is now pulling to a stand while holding onto something and does cruise some along the sofa. I have tried having her stand alone in the middle of the room, but she just falls into me and then laughs and laughs. She thinks I am playing a game. She gave up the bottle pretty much on her own and has finally mastered the sippy cup (Although she will only drink water and juice in it). Addison's favorite game is peek-a-boo right now. You will never believe this...Addison's favorite toy...anything with a tag! She will crawl acrossed the room if she sees a tag hanging off of a blanket, stuffed toy, UNDER the couch! Anything that has washing instructions or something. So, how does she put herself to sleep at night or at naptime? She crawls to her bumper pad, finds the tag, and with her tag in one hand and her thumb in her mouth she falls fast asleep. Ahhh...  

Hopefully she is feeling better in the morning. Tonight she fell asleep on me right after I took her out of her highchair after dinner. This is highly unusual. She napped through the evening while I held her outside, too. Hopefully she is able to sleep all night.

Happy 8th month Addison!

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