Thursday, December 03, 2015

Missing Ipad

For Addison's 9th birthday, she received an iPad. She broke her iPod 2 years ago, maybe 6 months after getting it (if that). We were reluctant to give the girl anything after that and the many things she had broken since.

But we gave her the iPad Mini anyway.

She loved her iPad. She is our big youtuber...she looks up everything on You Tube, Amazon, etc and sends us her requests. She recently got on the computer to look up the Elf on the Shelf to see funny things people's elves are doing (no pressure or anything).

About 8 weeks ago, Addison revealed to us that she lost her iPad. I was, of course, not happy about it. Addison's room is generally an absolute mess. Walking into her room, you put yourself at risk of not walking out. Her floor is usually covered with toys, stuffed animals, clothes, trash, you name it. Her desk, the same on Alivia has that remains in mint condition, is an absolute mess. It is covered in marker, paint, etc and has trash hanging out of the drawers. Some of the drawers do not have pulls on them even. She is on her second lamp, having broke the previous one. She broke this lamp 2 months after receiving it. The same story on her is a mess.

In summary, Addison is far from responsible or respectful.

Losing the iPad was the last straw.

I, of course, started in her room. I cleaned her room from top to bottom. No luck finding the iPad though. I walked out of her room and she immediately destroyed my cleaned progress. Her desk is now lost in a mess of trash. It didn't last long. Sigh...

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. No luck. Seriously, what did you do with it Addison? I would ask her. She didn't know.

I told her no to sleepovers and fun things because she lost her iPad. I was beginning to believe she lost it at a soccer game or something. As we tried to trade in our cars, I was worried the iPad was in some hidden compartment and we would not find it (someone else would!).

Today, as I prepare to sleep my days away and work all night for the upcoming future (I work on 2, off 2 back on 2. By off 2 that means sleep one, sleepy the next then back to work), I put on fresh sheets on my bed (which I have done many times since her iPad has gone missing). Today I pushed the mattress up towards the head of the bed and something was sticking out below the mattress on top of the box spring. What is that? I asked myself.

Low and was Addison's iPad!!! She obviously had watched something on our bed or left it on the bed and it had fell down the foot of the bed. Eventually making its resting place on the box spring, covered by the mattress. How in the world that ever happened is BEYOND ME but it is FOUND!! I am amazed. The girl wanted Beats for Christmas and I told her no because she didn't have anything to plug them into! Luckily, I believe Grandma believed and bought headphones for her anyway.

Happy Happy Day! I can hardly wait to show Addison when she gets home from school!!!

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