Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas came as a surprise white Christmas this year. They were saying on the news there was a 98% chance of there NOT being a white Christmas, then low and behold it snowed on Christmas Eve Day and has snowed a little more since. I, for one, think now that Christmas is over, BRING ON SPRING!

Our Christmas was quiet. The week leading up to Christmas the kids were home from school. On Monday we went bowling. On Tuesday the kids went with Grandma Kathy to see the Chipmunks movie. I bought the tickets to go with friends. However, I got sick with the stomach flu and could not go. Wednesday and Thursday were spent at home and shopping to prepare for Christmas and Christmas dinner.

Christmas was quiet. The kids got up at 7 and opened their 8 presents each. Alivia got clothes, room decor (like a sheep skin rug, door mirror, etc), Addison got a big dog print, clothes and a new bike, and Asher got an iPad Mini, under armour clothes (I should really buy stock in the company), and a soccer bag. Chris and I got cars. Enough said. :)

My parents came for our quiet dinner followed by more presents. The girls got American Girl Dolls that look like them and legos, and Asher got soccer gear. Asher is a tough one. My mom got him some crazy skateboard thing that Asher insists we have to return (but I have yet to do).

We had a fun day. Chris said my cooking was horrible, but that's okay as long as we were together. Although I was no longer vomiting, I was nauseous for a week. Needless to say, I did not feel like cooking or eating. I am all better now though.

Now onto New Years Week. The kids have been keeping me busy with sleepovers, playdates and going sledding. We had more snow on Monday so we took all the Christmas stuff down (what Chris didn't take down on Saturday December 26!) and cleaned up the house. Yesterday we went sledding, to Costco and finished the day seeing the New Star Wars movie at a 7pm showing. The kids could not believe it when the movie was over that they were the only kids in the theater! :)

Merry Christmas. We have enjoyed this break but I know reality is right around the corner. Best get back to sledding!!

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