Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Getting Faster!!

I am still training for my first marathon, although it is a total head game. I have to fight my head every time I am out. "keep going, don't stop, your feet don't hurt (even though they do!).

Last Friday I ran 12 1/2 miles. I ran around Lake Zorinky once, then around the big lake again. I thought it would come out to just 11, which was what I was to run last week. It turned out to be 12 1/2 miles. My time was 7:38 or less minute miles until mile 11, then went to 8:15-8:20 because I was mad I was still running! I need a new hoodie to keep me warm and need to go to the running shoe store to see what is wrong with my Brooks. They are killing my feet (are they too big or just the wrong shoe for me?!).

I am happy my time is picking up now that I am off that medication. I am feeling a little better while I am running, too. Now, I just need to get mother nature to get on my side. It is too cold for 13 mile runs!

Wanna join me? Please?! :)

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