Monday, January 06, 2014

Holiday Break 2013

Hard to believe the kids' Holiday break is over and they are back into the second half of the school year. The started break on December 20, going back on January 2. And, I took a little vacation from work, too. It was so nice to be able to be with the kids without juggling my night nursing schedule.

Day one of break started off with meeting friends, Jill, Maggie and Mackenzie at the Children's Museum. Since all the other kids were still in school, it was so quiet there! We even saw other friends, Albanie and her kids. There were maybe 25 people there! The kids had a blast and it was nice for me to catch up with Jill and Albanie, too.

Next up, we visited the Durham Museum, seeing their HUGE tree, Santa, and their cool science display downstairs. It was fun.

On Sunday, we spend the afternoon roller blading at Skate City in Bellevue. Asher received roller blades for his birthday and wanted to try them out. I did not honestly think he would do very well. He proved me wrong, taking off and never wanting to hold my hand! It was crazy. We were all exhausted by the end of the 2 hour skating marathon. We got done just in time to get cleaned up and go to Chris' parents for Christmas. We all slept good that night.

Monday was the day we went to Iowa to bake cookies. We are still eating them (we froze most of them). :) Tuesday we cleaned in preparation for our Christmas Day Guests.

After Christmas, we spent the remaining break at home, hardly going anywhere. The kids played with their new toys, jumping on the new bouncer and playing with the neighbor kids. Our neighbor houses got all filled up just before Christmas. The house across the street is the home of 2 girls, one Alivia's age and one Addison's age. They have already made themselves at home in our house.

On the Monday before New Years, we met our friends Bonnie, Gabby, Xander and Ben at Skate Daze to play in the tube system. Addison invited her friend Halle, too. Addison had 2 sleepover with Halle during break, Alivia had 2 sleepovers with her friend Lizzy and Asher had his first sleepover with his friend Cameron. It was difficult to keep track of their schedules! Anyway, the tube system is always a good place to go to blow off energy. They had fun and I always like catching up with Bonnie.

The rest of the break we chilled at home, watching movies, baking, and enjoying each other without being busy for once. I loved every minute of it.

January 1 at night, I returned to work and the kids were in school the next morning. It went by way too fast. I don't know about the kids, but I am already counting the days until the next break! :)

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