Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Play Date at the Zoo

Last Wednesday (so behind!) Asher and I met our friends Heather and Braden and her little baby Hailey at the zoo. It was a beautiful day!! Asher and I arrived at 10 and checked out a few things before we met up with our friends.

Asher loves the tigers. We spent quite a while watching them. The aquarium is closed until spring (seriously, what a bummer!!) which was a huge disappointment. But, we made up for it a little in the jungle and the butterfly area. We went through the hot desert before making our way to see an IMAX movie, Born to be Wild (one Asher had seen at least 2 times before...ooops!), before having a little picnic lunch in the warm sun. It was a fun day. I believe the kids had fun, and I know I did too.

Just another day in paradise. :)

Asher trying to touch the 3D movie!

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